Complete to Compete Ohio was looking for a better way to share their content. With the original site, the information was readily available but needed to be more accessible and intuitive. After a few interviews and a little research, I found that a sufficient amount of the traffic to the site were coalition members. They were looking to download materials such as fact sheets, infographics, and related resources. They mentioned organization as a key issue, the information was there, it just needed to be easier to find. My approach was from a mobile-first perspective. The first task was to get the coalition member materials organized on one page. The second was easy access to that content. I did this via a sticky button at the bottom of the homepage on mobile. This allowed the user to scroll new information, while still being able to access the coalition member materials in one click at any time. This same principle carried over to the desktop, placing the button in the upper right corner of the homepage. Based on the feedback, these two small solutions solved a significant portion of the usability issues. After that is was a matter of making sure the site looked and behaved consistently throughout. The third piece of this exercise was to create a video explaining the mission of Complete to Compete and illustrate the facts about the future of skilled jobs in Ohio. Click on the image to try it out.

User Experience
Art Direction
Motion Graphics

Complete to Compete Ohio